Self-Assessment and Adjustment Pulse Survey

The self-assessment and adjustment pulse survey lets us "take the pulse" of the congregation in two ways.

1) It allows you to tell us what you think are the strengths of your congregation (which we want to build on) and what are some of the challenges you face.
2) It allows us to understand what you view as the specific priorities of your church.

Therefore, we ask you to take the time to fill out this pulse survey. Each member should completed the survey (spouses should each submit a survey response).

This survey can be done in as quickly as 10 minutes or as long as an hour. Much of it is multiple choice. However, for every multiple choice question, you are provided the opportunity to give the reason that you answered as you did. Those can be helpful. So please, take your time. It is very helpful! Thank you for that effort!


More about the Ministry Self-Assessment and Adjustment (SAA) Program
Checking Our Bearings
Ships do not travel in a straight line. The wind and the currents shift, changing the ship’s direction. And so the crew must constantly check their bearings, making certain that they are still aimed in the right direction.

Much like a ship, we need to check our bearings, to aim our ministry efforts in the right direction. Paul tells us what that direction is when he writes, For when I preach the gospel, I cannot boast, since I am compelled to preach. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!” (1 Corinthians 9:16).

Our membership and church attendance has been stagnate or decreasing for the last few years and after closing the school, there was a sense of "now what?" In February, we will check our bearings together and define our direction by asking the question "Are we doing everything that we possibly can to share the Gospel, both to our members and also with the unchurched?”

The Self-Assessment and Adjustment program (SAA), offered by WELS Congregational Counseling, will help us answer the question "Are we doing everything that we possibly can to share the Gospel?" This program will allow our congregation to check our bearings and define the direction God has called us to go.

We need you to be part of this.
There are two ways you need to be involved.

1) Fill out our congregation’s Pulse Survey. Every adult member should complete this survey (spouses should each fill out a survey). Just click on the link below.

2) Set aside Saturday and Sunday, February 2-3. A member of the WELS Congregational Counseling will be here to lead us in Bible study and small-group discussion on every aspect of our ministry. He is not here as an expert to tell us how to do ministry. He is here to facilitate discussion among ourselves about how we might share the Gospel as much as possible. Then on Sunday, after our second service, he will help us determine the direction God has called us to go and what adjustments to our ministry we would like to make over the next year.

What determines if a congregation is healthy is not statistics. A healthy congregation… a church heading in the right direction… is one that is doing all it can to bring a life-giving Savior to a dying world. So help us check our bearings and define God’s direction for us. Thank you!

Want more information? Watch a video about the program at the link below: